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    Heat Seal

    • Our registered trademark , which is a product of our products, provides high efficiency and used as a blanket for agricultural purposes. Produced with advanced technology, the heatwire’s excellent breathability feature provides an increase of 3 to 5 degrees in the open field and in the greenhouse, prevents the formation of frost and the product grown meets the needs of the early ones by completing 2 to 3 weeks early formation.
    • With the U / V used, the life of the heat gauze is extended. If irrigation is going to be done over the heat net, water permeable tulle should be preferred.
    • ➢ It minimizes the increase and loss of heat, which occurs day and night.
      Korur It protects the formation of frost from the product.
      ➢ It provides air conditioning in open ground and low tunnel application.
      Tutar Keeps insects away from the product grown.
      Sağlar It provides protection against wind.
    • Moreover, our company is the first large manufacturer in Turkey. It has the ability to produce up to 22 meters width. In this way, it saves labor cost and time loss. Thousands of m2 area is covered in a very short time with the machinery and equipment used.
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