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    Mezotex company continues its production and marketing activities in nonwovens and related product groups by prioritizing information, quality and customer satisfaction and continuing to grow rapidly with the right investments.

    Mezotex offers non-woven roll products for a wide range of applications all over the world. We offer innovative solutions for medical, healthcare, hygiene, agriculture, horticulture, filtering, wiping, packaging, workwear, building materials, technical, industrial, environmental, home textile, automobile, clothing, bags and promotional applications. Our product range includes PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric (S, SS, SSS), PP Spunmelt Nonwoven Fabric (SMS, SMMS), PP Meltblown Fabric, Laminated and Coated Fabrics and disposable medical products. 10 gr / m²-180 gr / m².

    Mezotex, many brands in the world and Turkey and is the company’s suppliers. Our company continues to work to constantly improve quality and product development., Production is done with the latest technology in many color groups and different applications (UV, FR, Hygienic, Antistatic etc.)


    “To be the world leader in the production of world-class special Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY) using the latest technology, innovative production setup, the latest digital systems and exceptional workforce.”


    Providing 100% customer satisfaction and meeting customers’ needs perfectly.
    To guarantee the highest quality products to our customers by focusing on operational excellence and product innovation.
    Building mutual respect and long-term relationships with all our stakeholders.
    Our constant commitment to quality, consistency and improvement.

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