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    • mezotex absorbent products are designed in various shapes, sizes, weights and shapes to be used for absorption of all kinds of liquids. In addition to oil absorbers that absorb water (hydrophilic) and absorb hydrocarbons, mezotex also produces water or chemical absorbers.
    • mesotex absorbers are ideal for oil spills of any size or industrial applications and are sold in perforated rolls; In this way, the right amount of material needed is provided or they can be converted to different size pads or pillows. Mezotex meltblown absorbents can absorb up to 15 times their own weight, and the standard fabric is either ‘oil only’ or ‘universal’ (multi-purpose) under the HI-SORB brand. If more strength and durability is required, HI_SORB should connect ‘HI-SORB +’ sonic.
    • When burned, mesotex absorbers leave less than 0.02% ash.
    • Mezotex ‘Ultrasorb’ products are absorbent materials that are converted into various shapes and defined as ‘BM’ for absorbent boom, ‘SC’ for sock and ‘PS’ for cushion. These are designed to collect and remove debris and debris in soil or water.
    • mezotex ‘Ultrabond’ is a composite fabric consisting of three layers in the form of a thick absorbent sandwich between the upper and lower layers. This composite is ultrasound sourced and has a smooth and lint-free surface. Dimpled surface provides fast cleaning and does not adhere to concrete surfaces.
    • mesotex absorbers are bright yellow color coded as universal absorbents of aggressive liquids such as soluble chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents, toxic liquids, etc. to distinguish and easily identify that they are used to absorb hazardous liquids. Only oil absorbent products are white, while “water only” products are gray.
    • Antistatic absorbers are used in situations where flammable liquids or vapors are involved. mezotex treats polypropylene meltblownu with a topical solution to disperse potential static buildup.
    • Heavy duty absorbers with camouflage patterns are offered for sale in the military or industrial applications such as walkway mats under the brand name ‘Ultra-Cam’.
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